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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Q is for Quentin Tarantino

I recently saw Django Unchained.  Wow!  Quentin, you have wowed me again!  I loved this movie.  The story line was compelling.  The actors were amazing.  I kept turning to my husband and saying, "This was a great role for ___________."  Each scene seemed to be planned, down to the last detail.  It was awesome!

I always feel this way when I watch a Tarantino movie.  He seems to have a clear vision before starting each movie, and every scene is built to feed into that vision perfectly.  I envy him.  I think every author can learn something form Quentin Tarantino.  If you have that perfect vision ahead of time, you can make every scene fit the vision perfectly.  Wow!


  1. A lot of people felt as you did about that movie. I appreciate the different take he took on that period of history, and the actors, especially crazy Samuel L. Jackson's role, were great.

    It was hard for me to deal with the humor and satire of the movie with such a serious topic. For me, that was a turn off. It didn't help that there were a few people that laughed loudly on parts that I think were appropriate for laughter at all.

    Like I said though, I do like that he went outside the box in the movie. Writer’s Mark

    1. I can understand how you feel about the movie. I know it has been very controversial. I still appreciate the care he takes when making movies, the attention to detail and the different point of view.