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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nest

I have always found it interesting how birds return to the same nest or nesting area year after year.  A couple of years ago, we had a green heron pair nesting in our back yard.  They are cute birds, but they make a weird barking sound and they poop a lot!  Here's a pic.
The following year, the herons returned and nested on our block again, although not in our backyard.  This time, there were more adult birds because the two juveniles from the year before returned too.

We also have bald eagles that return to nearby nests every year.  There are some rural areas around here, and the eagles love the little lambs.  Today we went for a bike ride, and I noticed that the eagles have returned again.  I heard a lot of chirping.  They may have some chicks.  I couldn't find the pictures of our local nesting eagles, but I did find this picture of one we saw eating a little lamb on our way to work two years ago.
They love the little lambs.

So, do birds value their homes as much as we humans do?
What makes a nest special?


  1. It's amazing they find their way home after journeying thousands of miles. I lose my way home, even with a satnav

  2. Bald eagle are so beautiful. I wish I knew more about the birds that visit my back yard. Any chance you can identify the type of hawk in my latest A to Z blog post?