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Monday, April 11, 2016

H is for Henry Street

A to Z Challenge 2016:  Easter Rising of 1916
2016 is the 100 year anniversary of this important moment in Irish history.  Join me throughout the month of April for an A to Z of the Easter Rising of 1916.

A is About the Easter Rising
B is for Boland's Mill
C is for Cumann na mBan
D is for Dublin Castle
E is for Enniscorthy
F is for The Foggy Dew
G is for General Post Office (GPO)

H is for Henry Street

Henry Street was one of the first areas taken by the rebels.  The area was hit hard by artillery fire and the Irish were soon surrounded by fires.  The businesses on Henry Street were the victims of severe looting during the rising.  

“In Henry Street, after broaching whiskey barrels and scooping up and drinking the raw liquor, the drunken looters allowed the contents to run to waste. One individual actually took off his clothes in the street and fitted on a new suit from the window of a fashionable tailor’s shop. Dirty, unkempt women from the slums were seen wearing sealskin coats and costly jewellery which they had just stolen,”  from John F. Boyle's The Irish Rebellion of 1916.

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