"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." ~Toni Morrison

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 What I'm Reading Wedesday #4

For my ROW80 Wednesday Check-ins, I will be posting my progress on my reading goals.  
This week I am reading The Double Life of Fidel Castro.  I have just started, so I'm not sure what I think of it yet.  The book is written by a personal bodyguard of Fidel Castro.  I am interested to see if Fidel's double life really surprises me or is it is exactly what I expect.  

Anyway, my goal for this year is to read 32 books, so I set my January goal as reading 3 books to give me a good head start.  I have already read 4 books this month.  Yay!!  I am currently attaining my main goal!  I have yet to make progress on any of the series I want to complete or on my TBR list.  Oh well, I am enjoying the reading right now.

2016 Goal: 32 books
Books Read = 4/32
Books from TBR list: 0
Series completed: 0
2016 Pinterest Board

1.  Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
2.  Foreign Gods, Inc by Okey Ndibe
3.  Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy by Dinty W. Moore
4.  Thunder and Lightning by Natalie Goldberg

What are you reading this week?  How are your reading goals going?


  1. I really like this idea of going public with your reading. My reading is all over the map, and I haven't made a specific reading goal for the year, let alone the months. I'm keeping a list because one of my goals is to read and review 2 indie writers a month. So far, so good. But I just might borrow your listing strategy and chime in next ROW80! Have a great week.

    1. I love keeping track of what I read. It is interesting to see how much I read each month and the patterns that emerge. I always start out strong in January. Good luck with your reading goal.

  2. I post mine on my Goodreads reading challenge - keeps my list up to date - reading is important for writers s like your idea of posting your reads - I mention mine among what I have done this week on Sunday but don't always mention the titles - must do better - all the best :)

    1. Thank you. I have never joined Goodreads. I don't know if I have the time for another online community, so I track on my blog instead.