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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

The theme at The Broke and the Bookish this week is to share 10 facts about me, so here we go!

1.  I am originally from Ireland but now live in the United States
I moved to Wisconsin when I was 13 years old because my dad was offered a better job.  I attended high school and college there before taking off on a road trip that took me across the country to Oregon.  I've lived in Oregon since 2001 and love it here!

2.  I used to speak Irish conversationally
In Ireland, most people speak English natively, but we all learn Irish in school.  When I left Ireland I was conversational in Irish.  Now, because of lack of practice, I know very little of the language.  I am trying to relearn, but it is much more complicated than I remember.  If you know of a good resource, I would love to hear about it!

3.  I have an 18 year old cat
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She is diabetic, going blind, half deaf and occasionally has seizures.  She's a challenge but she still enjoys life.  

 4.  I am a Spanish teacher
I love my job.  I love teaching.  I love the Spanish language and culture.  I love having summers off.  I love it all.

5.  I have more story ideas than I know what to do with
I am constantly thinking of new story ideas and I keep starting new novels before I finish the last ones.  Oops.

6.  Did I mention I have a problem finishing things?
I love starting projects but I often have a problem finishing them.  I have completed the first draft of one novel, but the one I started before that is still unfinished, and I have started at least two more in the mean time...I am bad at finishing things.

7.  I love tv
I will watch almost anything; I do have my limits, but tv is one of my favorite things.  I prefer it to music when I need background noise.  This is why I do not have a tv in my bedroom.

8.  I have an artificial hip
I had the surgery at age 23 because of some hip problems I have had since childhood.  It has changed my life for the better.  If your doctor recommends joint replacement, go for it.  It's amazing!

9.  I have been married for 6 six years
My husband and I met and started dating in 1996, 20 years ago.  Neither of us really thought marriage was important.  We got engaged in 2007 and decided to finally get married in 2010 after I had emergency surgery, and he could not get in to visit me because he was not family.  

10.  I love karaoke
Oh man!  I love to sing.  I sing by myself.  I sing with family.  I sing in front of strangers.  It's the best!

Anyway, that's a little bit more about me.  Hope you enjoyed learning more about my story.

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