"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." ~Toni Morrison

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year in Review 2015

Well, another year has ended.  Time to look back at the goals I made and how close I came to actually attaining them.  Overall I think I was successful this year.  I attained two and a half of my four goals.  That's over 50%.  Let's take a closer look....

These were my reading and writing goals for 2015:
   1.  Write 250 words each day(1750 total words per week)
I did not attain this goal.  I continue to struggle with daily writing practice.  I can maintain a daily practice for a few days and then it just dies away.  I started the year out with writing prompts and discovered that does not work for me :)
I have joined online communities to help me stay on track, and they work for a while but eventually the motivation seems to just die away.  I have lots of excuses, but they are really just excuses.  When I think of how much time I sit idly in a day, I know that I could easily write 250 words each day.  I am easily distracted and I have a difficult time following through.  I hope to work on both of these problems in the new year.

   2. Complete the first draft of my novels (ZF and DOVH) and begin the next.
Wow!  I actually attained half of this goal.  I completed the first draft of ZF.  It is not ready for anyone to read or even glance at it yet, but it is complete.  I made some good progress on DOVH and I started the next one even though I probably should not start something new without first finishing the old.  Anyway, in the new year I will continue working on DOVH and I will start the editing process with ZF.  And of course I will continue starting new projects before completing the old ones :)

   3.  Read at least 30 books.
This was my most successful goal.  If you read my post from yesterday then you know that I exceeded my reading goal this year.  I read 35 books, and I am super proud of myself.  Click on the image to visit my Pinterest page of books I read in 2015.

   4.  Post on this blog at least twice a week.
Ok, this one I am calling a win.  I may not have posted twice a week every week this year, but by the end of the year I had a posting schedule blocked out and I stuck to it for a few weeks.  I feel really good about the schedule and plan to continue it into the new year.  

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