"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." ~Toni Morrison

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WOTW: Thugee

My word of the week posts took a long break for the holidays, but they are back now :)

Thugee:  noun; Thugee gangs roamed India for hundreds of years.  They would join travelers, gain their trust, then strangle them and steal their valuables.  The gangs worshiped Kali and believed that they were doing her will by murdering people.  They were finally taken down by the British when they took over India.

Why did I decide to choose this word?  I recently rewatched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  If you've seen the movie, you probably know that the bad guys in the movie are Thugee.  For some reason, after watching the movie so many times I have lost count, I suddenly had to know more about the Thugee.  I love being inspired to do research :)


  1. It's awesome to be inspired to do research, no? On a related note I often say the best stories and movies are the ones that inspire me to write. Not to write something similar, but just to create. Awesome.

    Also, I had never heard of the Thugee before. I mean, I'd watched Temple of Doom but apparently I had just dismissed the baddies as fictional. Now I'm intrigued enough to do a little research of my own ;)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

    1. I had always thought they were fictional, too. I just happened to have the computer nearby while watching and decided to Google it.