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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WOTW: Nibiru

Nibiru:  (also known as Planet X)  a planet that is believed by many conspiracy theorists to be headed for a collision with Earth, causing the destruction of our planet.  The collision was originally predicted for the year 2900, but some believe it will happen in 2012.

Zachariah Sitchen was the first person to discover Nibiru.  He supposedly found references to the planet while translating ancient Sumerian texts.  Apparently, the inhabitants of  the planet came to Earth and created humans by genetically modifying female apes.  They then used humans as slaves to mine gold and plan to return for judgment day.

Why am I researching this topic?  Well, I am planning a book, and the main character just happens to be a conspiracy theorist.  The aliens of Nibiru( Nibirians?) may play a big role in this book.  The information on the web about Nibiru is actually pretty interesting.  There are a lot of websites debunking the whole idea.  One of my favorite posts so far is this April Fool's post and it's novel way of surviving the whole disaster.

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