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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Likeness by Tana French

From the Back Cover:
"In the "compelling"* and "pitch perfect"** follow up to Tana French’s runaway bestseller In the Woods, it's six months later and Cassie Maddox has transferred out of the Dublin Murder squad. But an urgent telephone call beckons Cassie to a grisly crime scene. The victim looks exactly like Cassie and carries ID identifying herself as Alexandra Madison, an alias Cassie once used as an undercover cop. Suddenly, Cassie must discover not only who killed this girl, but, more importantly, who is this girl?" 

What I Thought:
I saw my double once, as a child, on vacation in the west of Ireland.  We were driving on a country road, and she was walking in the sunshine.  At the time I wished I could have stopped to talk to her. Now I wonder what her life was like.  Did she have the same struggles and successes that I have had?  How different were our lives?  I can't imagine what I would do if I saw my double's dead body?

When Cassie now only saw her double's dead body but also found out that her double had been living the life of one of her former undercover personalities, curiosity must have taken over.  Imagine sneaking into your double's life and taking over where she left off.  It would be so tempting.  And her life was so different.  I felt it pulling her in and surrounding her in its comfortable rhythm.

The book did drag at times, but I feel it was reflective of Cassie's desire to allow the investigation to drag on, so she could wallow in her new life for a while longer.  I figured out the true murderer long before Cassie did but, again, I think she hid the truth from herself as long as she could.  She did not want to rush back to her real life.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and recommend it.  There are times where the story slows and the reader can put the book down and take a break.  Other times it keeps you on the edge of your sear and you won't want to put it down.  I can't wait to read more Tana French.

Have you ever read a book by Tana French?  What did you think?
Any book recommendations?

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