"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." ~Toni Morrison

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Currently..... (February 8, 2017)


Writing... More like editing
I am preparing an excerpt of one of my manuscripts for an online critique group on Steve the Wrimo Forum.  I am really looking forward to getting some feedback.  I am the only one who has read my writing in a long time.  It will be good to share again.

Reading... Christine by Stephen King
Oh my goodness, this book is huge!  What was I thinking?  I have been a very unmotivated reader recently.  I probably should have chosen a smaller book :)

Listening to... Too much news
 I love NPR and I listen daily, but I feel like the news has been a little more intense recently.  It can be overwhelming.

Eating... oranges
I cannot go to the grocery store recently without buying oranges or other citrus.  I cannot get enough.

Drinking... 'Cot in the Act cider by Two Towns
We got a keg for my husband's birthday.  It's an apricot cider and it is yummy.

Wearing... jeans and sweatshirts
If it's comfy and warm, I am wearing it right now!

Feeling... sick
Hubby just had a possible bout of pneumonia.  He had a high fever.  I got a cold too and have been feeling exhausted by the whole thing.

Weather... cold
Still cold here.  The snow went away, but it is cold.  This is still true.  It's supposed to start warming up this week.

Wanting... to go back to Costa Rica
It was amazing!

Thinking... I need to stop picking my nails
I have been doing a lot better but recently started picking at a thumb nail and now I can't stop.

Watching... The Magicians
Just finished season 1 and started season 2.  I am completely addicted to this show!

Enjoying... participating in a trivia tournament 
Hubby and friends and I have formed a team (we're Trivia Newton John!) and we are rocking the trivia world.  Currently tied for first and gearing up for another night of random trivia questions!  

What are you up to?
Have you watched The Magicians?  Been in a trivia tournament?
Have you read Christine?

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